Be Bold. Choose Different.


So you have an event coming up and you need entertainment. You ask friends, you web search and you contact events companies. You choose an activity but you aren’t excited. Your friend had the same activity at their last Christmas party, their wedding or birthday.

It’s time for something new.

Let me introduce you to my light writing show.

Light writing or also known as light painting, is a technique using a long exposure. The show consists of my guidance, your guests, a load of sparklers, glow torches, a little creative imagination and a whole lot of fun.

The show is a really cool way to get your guests involved in creating their own personalised art whilst the other guests can watch it on big screen as it happens. It’s totally unique and creates a bunch of laughs! 

”All my guests were crowding, participating and laughing. Emmelina was constantly with guests over those two hours and had people wanting to have a go even when she was finishing up. They couldn’t get enough.”



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